Hair loss is a challenge you’ll have to deal with at one stage of your life. It leaves your head bald and looking much older. When people start losing their hair they tend to try out different ways to solve the mystery. However, not all techniques that people claim towards preventing hair loss will deliver the expected results.

As a result, most of us will wonder, which are the best ways to stop hair loss? If this is your question, you have come to the right page. In this article, we discuss a few of the techniques that you can apply towards stopping hair loss.

These include:

1. Eating Food Rich in Proteins, Vitamin A, B and E

Most people eat vitamins for protection against diseases, but they also do a great job in preventing hair loss. For example, Vitamin A will facilitate secretion of sebum in your scalp for healthy hair follicles. Also, Vitamin E will allow adequate blood circulation keeping the follicles productive, while Vitamin B maintains healthy color for the hair.

Proteins, on the other hand, will facilitate better hair health. Such will curb the problem of hair loss. Among the best sources of proteins include fish, soy, and lean meat.

2. Use of Onion, Ginger or Garlic Juice

The juice is not for drinking but instead rubbing it on the scalp. Leave the skin that way overnight and wash it in the morning. You should consider doing this at least for a week, and you’ll see its amazing results.

3. Scalp Massage Using Sesame, or Almond Oil

Having a scalp massage using sesame oil or almond oil is of huge importance for hair growth. It helps to keep the hair follicles active and alive. Thus the massage helps to stop hair loss.

These are the three best ways to stop hair loss if you are facing this challenge. They are cheap and natural ways that all of us can afford. Therefore, I hope that they are practices that you’ll consider putting to use.